Identify bias, predict juror behavior, be a Voir Dire superhero. 

Voltaire supercharges Voir Dire by bringing together advanced research, analysis, and modeling into a simple, real-time app that helps you pick a better jury and be more persuasive in front of them.


Voltaire enables you to discover hidden bias & predict behaviors with deep insights about your panel from billions of social & public records in minutes so you pick better juries and are most persuasive with the one you seat.

Actions Check Words

A Jury Questionnaire & Voir Dire questioning is only the beginning of understanding a person's biases and behaviors. Not only are jurors proven to be ineffective or even misleading self-assessors, actions always speak louder than words, and Voltaire searches and analyzes a person's social media, political, financial, and leisure activity history to understand their behaviors and how that affects your case over a reliable period of time.

As Fast As Voir Dire

Voltaire's sophisticated proprietary model & computational systems deliver insight to the courtroom in real time, so you can make smarter, more strategic decisions at the pace of Voir Dire.

Makes More Possible

By comparing more aspects of a juror's personality and identity over a long period of time to our always-evolving and growing behavioral model, Voltaire can uncover insights previously impossible during jury selection.  You can also add your own custom factors & rules so Voltaire's decisions & predictions follow your instincts, take into account your preferences & style, and allows for nuances in each case's unique situation.


Voltaire is currently in private beta in California & Colorado with our very first customers in select practice areas and will be expanding into new geographies and practice areas through Spring 2015. To request an invite to our private beta please let us know about your interest with the form below.

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