Deep Insights Into Your Jury

Our team combines deep knowledge of trial, technology, and data science. Put our collective knowledge, proprietary analytics, and services to work for you in your next trial.

Voltaire's services combine traditional jury research with modern software tools for delivery, analytical, & collaboration services. We leverage technology seamlessly so you don't have to and can still benefit from its unique advantages with actionable insights inserted directly into the decision-making & strategy process so our clients can make the winning decision without delay or distraction.

Our services bring your team together seamlessly, help you pick a winning jury, and be more compelling in front of them the ones you seat.


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Find out how we can help you gain actionable insights, collaborate most effectively, and leverage technology to reduce distraction & improve results in your next trial. We have unique solutions & services for plaintiffs, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in a wide variety of litigation situations.

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