• Deep Insights Into Your Jury

    Voltaire bridges traditional jury research with patent-pending analytical technology & software to give you deep insights into your jury - instantly.

  • Discover Risk

    Voltaire brings together a full picture of all the data available on your jury, from your own sources, to our own social media research into a single risk assessment so you can use your preemptory challenges most effectively and arms you with data to press for cause excusals with insightful data to ensure your client gets the fairest trial possible while keeping you clear of Batson challenges and keeping you compliant with research requirements.

    Be More Persuasive

    Voltaire's analytics help you understand what makes your jurors tick individually and as a group, so you can not only know each juror, but know how they function as a whole.


    Use Voltaire's leading analytical and software tools to collaborate with your entire team, in the same court room or across the country.

    Better Insights Drive Winning Outcomes

    Voltaire's insights not only help you understand and identify risk & bias, but help you be the most effective advocate for your client possible.

  • Learn More

    Leveraging Voltaire's cutting edge research, analysis, risk detection, and persuasive strategy is easy. 


    Contact our sales team for a demo and more information on how you can use Voltaire in trial today!