Analyze, Collaborate, Win.

Voltaire's analysis & collaboration tools deliver predictive analytics seamlessly into the decision-making & strategy process so lawyers can make the winning decision.

Bring your team together seamlessly, pick a winning jury, and be more compelling in front of them by using the world's leading predictive, social media-backed Voir Dire analytics & collaboration system. 


Voltaire helps you discover hidden bias & predict behaviors with deep insights about your panel from billions of social & public records in minutes so you pick better juries, are most persuasive with the one you seat, and can keep tabs on their social media practices throughout the trial.

Actions Check Words

A Jury Questionnaire & Voir Dire questioning is only the beginning of understanding a person's biases and behaviors. Not only are jurors proven to be ineffective or even misleading self-assessors, actions always speak louder than words, and Voltaire searches and analyzes a person's social media, political, financial, and leisure activity history to understand their behaviors and how that affects your case over a reliable period of time.

As Fast As Voir Dire

Voltaire's sophisticated proprietary model & computational systems deliver insight to the courtroom in real time, so you can make smarter, more strategic decisions at the pace of Voir Dire.

Makes More Possible

By comparing more aspects of a juror's personality and identity over a long period of time to our always-evolving and growing behavioral model, Voltaire can uncover insights previously impossible during jury selection.  You can also add your own custom factors & rules so Voltaire's decisions & predictions follow your instincts, take into account your preferences & style, and allows for nuances in each case's unique situation.

Voltaire Is For Anyone In The Courtroom

Voltaire makes Prosecutors, Plaintiff's Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Voir Dire/Jury Consultants, and even Courts themselves more successful. Voltaire uses advanced technology, proprietary data sets and models, and innovative apps to cater to anyone involved in jury trials. 

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Collaborative Predictives & Analysis

Within seconds of obtaining the juror name or jury list, Voltaire uses deep analysis to guide your use of preemptories to best remove jurors dangerous to or biased against your success.

Voltaire shows you clearly, within seconds, where it's detected risk to your case. 

Voltaire brings teams together by seamlessly sharing data, notes, and scoring decisions between members - so researchers, consultants, and litigators are all instantly on the same page.

Be More Compelling

Using personality analysis algorithms and proprietary data sets, Voltaire provides guidance on a jury's collective and a juror's individual personality and how to be most compelling to them. 

Monitor Juror Online Behavior

The integrity of your case is contingent upon fair and complete compliance with a court's order around juror contact regarding the case. Voltaire monitors public social media activity to make sure jurors are not publicly discussing the case and analyzes their daily activity to detect behavioral patterns to help you better understand the mentality of the jurors in the box throughout a trial. 

Voltaire For Your Next Trial

Bringing the most advanced real-time research, analytics, and predictives advantage with you to your next case couldn't be easier or more affordable. You can download Voltaire from the App Store to your own iPad or purchase a preloaded tablet from us. We have pricing that matches the unique needs of Plaintiffs, Prosecutors, and Defense attorneys. Our sales team can have your account ready in minutes.

If you have an access code, you can create a Voltaire account and download our iOS app through the provisioning portal.

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